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Does My Home Insurance Cover Drainage Issues?

Drainage is not always a top priority when it comes to comparing quotes for home insurance, and as such, many are probably unsure as to exactly what they are covered for in the event of a blocked drain or repair to the drainage system being required.

Most buildings insurance policies will provide cover for accidental damage to your drains, the difficult part is finding out exactly what they mean by ‘accidental damage’. Usually this would cover things such as damage caused by excavation or tree root intrusion but damage caused by wear and tear due to the age of the drainage system most likely wouldn’t be covered.

Blocked Drains

Whether you can claim for a blocked drain would depend on the cause of the blockage itself. For example, if it is down to root intrusion in the drains then there is a good chance this would be covered under accidental damage, but if the cause is wipes or fat and food waste then this would fall under misuse and is highly unlikely to be covered by the insurance.

Drain Repairs

Depending on the issue found, drain repairs can be costly. If you have a collapsed drain pipe you are likely to be looking at excavation works to carry out the necessary repairs. Displaced joints, cracks and fractures in the drainage system, dependent on access, can usually be repaired using non-invasive CIPP patch repairs or drain lining. Whether you would be able to claim for these repairs from your insurance would all depend on the cause of the damage and the level of cover you have.

Call a Professional

It’s important to look after your drainage system and keep it well maintained to avoid blockages or damage that would not be considered ‘accidental’ and now is as good a time as any to start!

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