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We'll unblock your sink from as little as £60 +vat

Blocked Sink Clearing Services

London Drains Direct are specialists in drain cleaning. We offer a fast 1-hour service and complete peace of mind with fixed-price quotations. No extra charges. No call-out fee. Just one easy to understand guaranteed price. What's more, we also provide a free 'look and see using our CCTV equipment following machinery clearance.

Basic Sink Clearing





tickRods or Plungers
tickFree 30-day guarantee †

† The price quoted above is based on clearance of a standard domestic blockage. Guarantees are valid on all healthy drainage systems. Call for more details.

Machinery Clearance





tickHigh Pressure Jetting
tickFree 30-day guarantee †
tickFree Visual CCTV Quality Check

† The price quoted above is based on clearance of a standard domestic blockage. Guarantees are valid on all healthy drainage systems and are subject to our Engineer's final CCTV inspection. Call for more details.

Clearing Blocked Sinks and Drains

You can go online to search for DIY solutions on how to clear a blocked sink. These methods include using a plunger or boiling hot water, applying chemical substances, removing U-bend, and so forth. Some of these solutions may be somewhat effective, but not all the time. However, if you are not looking to get your hands dirty, better let a professional handle the dirty work. This is where we come in. Our drainage engineers are working 24/7 365 days a year. They will be more than happy to help you clear any blockage your sink might be having.

Special Equipment to Clear Blocked Sinks

Sometimes a blockage in the bathroom or kitchen can be too deep to fix yourself. The pipework can contain a lot of small materials and repairing it using DIY methods can be dangerous, you can further damage your sink and possibly cause a little flood.

If you do not wish for this to happen, let our engineers handle the work. They are equipped with the latest, specialist tools and machinery for dealing with the toughest blockages in basins, pipeworks, and sinks.

“Sani-snakes” are specially designed electro-rotating cables that can be pushed pretty deep down the pipework. At the end of the pipe are different attachments, specially designed for various blockages. Our engineers are portable and always on duty. If you wish to let a professional handle your dirty work, get in touch with us immediately.

There are no hidden costs in our services:

What you’re getting from our company services:

  • Experienced and well-trained engineers
  • 24/7 availability for all your problems
  • Specially dedicated support
  • Guaranteed work
  • Your peace of mind

Some of the most common causes of a blocked sink:

While our team members are equipped to deal with any blockage you might be experiencing, it is still a good idea to enlighten yourself beforehand about the problem you have.
Grease, fat, or oil from cooking materials

  • Plastic and paper straws
  • Wooden skewers and toothpicks
  • Wasted food
  • Dental floss
  • Cotton buds
  • Plastic pieces
  • Kitchen paper
  • Tissues
  • Fat and scale

All in all, please avoid pouring or dropping anything in your drain it if does not look like liquid.

What are our rates?

We have been researching and trying to offer you the best price possible. Not all services seem to be available to common people. Some companies charge as high as £200 per hour. We think that is unfairly high.

However, our company is ready to offer you a very competitive and cost-effective price. We provide clear fixed prices and give an onsite, no-obligation quote for any additional works required.

Keeping London flowing.

London Drains Direct offers fast drain clearing services across London and the Home Counties. Get complete peace of mind with fixed-price quotations. No extra charges. No call-out fee. Just one easy to understand guaranteed price. What’s more, we also provide a free ‘look and see’ inspection using our CCTV equipment upon machinery clearance. And a free 30-day guarantee at the end of the job.

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Centrally located – we can be with 95% of customers with 2 hours.


Fixed prices on many services.

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24/7, 365 emergency service.

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