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Fixed Price - Drainage Pest Control

London Drains Direct offers a wide range of services which include pest drainage control.

Drainage Pest Control

London Drains Direct offers a wide range of services which include pest drainage control.

Drainage Pest Control

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London Drains Direct offers a wide range of services which include pest drainage control.

It is unfortunate that only a small space is enough for pests and rodents to get into your house and set up camp. If they are already in your home and multiplying, you might require a costly service to completely remove them. The smallest gap in space, may it be a damaged pipe or a faulty install can cause this problem.

London Drains Direct can assist you in dealing with this issue. We offer a wide range of services when it comes to removing pests as well as tutorials on how to deal with it yourself. But, please be warned, it is always a better choice to let the professionals handle this sort of issue.

How to identify infestations:

  • Paper, Chewed Cables, and Damaged Food Packages, Wood or Plastic.
  • Droppings From Rodents
  • Holes That Are Gnawed In The Walls
  • Scratching Sounds You Hear Within The Walls or Beneath The Floor
  • Nests

If you have already checked most of the points described above and still haven’t found the issue, 9 times out of 10 it is a drainage system infestation. This means that pests have found a way to enter your home through drainage systems (pipes and so forth.).

What to do?

As difficult as it can be, try to remain calm when you have found an infestation. Contact us immediately if you do not know exactly what to do and want to remove the infestation. Be assured, we work proficiently and after dealing with infestations, they rarely occur again.

CCTV inspection we offer has proven itself to be the most valuable tool in our arsenal. It helps us locate the area where pests and rodents might have set up camps and nests. We also replace, repair, and fix any drainage pipes/systems that might have been damaged during the infestation. 

How to prevent the infestation from happening again: If you have experienced any kind of infestation and want to ensure your property stays safe from future accidents, we have several points for you to write down:

Put a protective guard over drain openings, this way pests will not be able to get through or come out of your pipes.

Do not put any food out for pests to feast on. Pests have a good-sniffing nose for this and will be the first to enter your home for a delicious meal.

Get our professional help to repair or replace damaged drains and pipes.

We provide quick and efficient service in this area as well.

We will ensure:

  • No additional charges and free estimates
  • We have the best equipment for diagnosing and dealing with infestations
  • We always use only high-pressure water jets to clear the pipes
  • We have CCTV equipment to precisely diagnose the issue
  • We also repair any cracks and damage your drainage system might have.

If you are sure you have pests in your home, please feel free to contact London Drains Direct at this number 0203 962 1793

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