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Drainage Maintenance Contracts

London Drainage Solutions offers maintenance services (tailor-made) for external as well as internal cleaning. Our team will visit your commercial estate for free and conduct a specific survey to give you a perfect estimate of which service you may require.

Once you are under contract, contracted cleans will be free for you. We will do our best to have a team engineer present on your site within 2 hours maximum after your call. Any work we do is fully guaranteed.

High-pressure water jetting, electro-mechanical cleaning, and CCTV cameras are one of our most valued and professional services. Our vans are equipped with the latest technology and machinery that is available on the market today. Our team is capable of working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As for payments, we offer a one-time payment, full contract payment, and monthly payment schedule if necessary.

Commercial Maintenance Contract

Every drainage system looks perfect at first but after some years almost every business complains about one problem or another with pipework or blocked drains. If the normal maintenance is not done properly then it definitely will lead to some sort of blockage in the drains. So, there comes a time when the drain system cleaning services are necessary. Like every other system, drain systems are not built to last forever, they too experience wearing over the course of several years.

Some of the most important reasons why drainage systems must be maintained regularly:

Preventing drainage system blockages – Many things like grease, hair, scale , soap, and even black coffee remains are capable of blocking the drainage pipe after some time. Another big problem is tree roots in drain pipes, they often block or even break down the pipework completely. Although we are capable of cleaning your pipes and general drainage system fully, it is still a good idea to have a regular maintenance contract with a fast-working company like us.

Lingering smell reduction In odours – Debris and mould can be stuck in drains and give out a powerful yet awful smell. It also greatly depends on where the scale and debris get stuck. If they are stuck deep below, they can cause water trapping and lead to overflooding.

Smells attract insects – If your drains are placed outside and get flooded, the odour which does not smell nice for humans attract a wide variety of insects. It can also become their breeding ground. drain flies are the most common insects in situations like this.

Keeping the drain clear – “Prevention is better than the cure”, I’m sure you have heard this before. This is exactly what we’re talking about when we say that after just a few bad signs it is better to maintain the drainage system rather than let it be untouched, this can lead to an awful ending after which you may require full drainage system recovery service.

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