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How to avoid smelly drains in your property?

When you wash away organic waste like hair, food particles, fats and oils and other debris from your hands or dishes, this all goes into your drainage system. Over time this debris or waste will build up in the pipework and cause foul smells or even a blocked drain or waste pipe.

Foul odours are common in kitchen drains due to the food particles and fats and oils being washed away in the sink. If food, fat and oils are regularly being put down the sink then it won’t take long for a nasty stench to form. Cleaning the build up of waste from the pipework and/or clearing the blockage from your drainage system is the only way to make the stench go away.

The best way to avoid smelly drains is to watch what you put in them but this can be easier said than done! All the grease, food particles, dirt, and grime will eventually cause an odour to form in the drainage after a while, which is why you should take additional steps to keep your drains clean.

Here are some home-based solutions for eliminating odours:

  • Fill your sink with boiling water and add bleach, then allow this solution to flow through the drain pipes
  • Sprinkle baking soda into the pipework then add some white wine vinegar to eliminate the nasty smells

If you still experience issues with smelly drains after cleaning out debris and disinfecting your pipes, you may have a problem with the soil vent pipe which directs foul odours up and out of your home. If the vent pipes are not functioning, they cannot remove the foul odours and gasses from your property.

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