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What are the Consequences of Putting Fat and Oil Down the Drain?

Do you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen? If so, you likely dispose of grease, fats, and oils frequently.

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of pouring fats and oils down their kitchen sink and into their drains. Fats and oils are liquids when you pour them down the drain, but they tend to harden rather quickly. This could have serious consequences for your drainage system because it will then cause blockages inside your drainage system.

If you continue to pour fats and oils down the sink, the first signs of an impending blockage would be:-

  • Water draining slowly or not at all
  • Foul smells coming up from your sink outlet
  • Washing machine or dishwasher backing up into the kitchen sink

Please avoid pouring vegetable oil, meat fats, margarine, butter, salad dressings, and anything else with grease or oil. If you need to dispose of these items, pour the fats and oils into an old container or tin and dispose of them in your rubbish bin rather than your kitchen sink.

If you are experiencing drainage issues London Drains Direct can assist you with this problem by clearing the grease and fat deposits from your drains and pipes. Contact us at 020 7118 0999 to request our drain clearance services today.