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What bugs can live in your drains?

It’s no secret that insects can live in your drain, feeding on any available matter such as grease, hair, food waste and even toothpaste. What’s more, they can also lay their eggs in the gunk in your drains, which can cause potential infestation problems. 

Now whilst getting rid of these pesky visitors is relatively easy it’s important to identify the right insect so you know how to get rid of them correctly. 


The most common type of drain dwelling insect. They will often thrive in bathroom and kitchen drains as they provide the perfect conditions; dark, secluded places with good humidity. These drains often serve as entry points for cockroaches looking to make their way into your property so dealing with any drain dwelling cockroaches as soon as you find them is paramount. 

Drain Flies 

Drain flies which often go by ‘moth flies’ resemble moths in appearance. They’re small and dark in colour. These insects breed quickly in drains, sewers, septic tanks and soil that has become contaminated with sewage. If you notice any of these outside your property you could potentially have a leaking sewage pipe. If you see any signs, it’d be well worth getting your drains checked for cracks and leaks with a CCTV survey. 

Fruit Flies 

The humble fruit fly, drawn to overripe or rotting fruit and veg to dine on. These bugs also lay their eggs in their supplies, so their offspring have a supply of food as soon as their born. If you’re pushing your ft overs down your sink, you’re creating the perfect haven for fruit flies to dine and lay their eggs. The solution is to make sure you throw away any leftovers rather than stick them down the drain. 

 House Centipedes 

Typically, centipedes like to hang out in basements, lofts, or other undisturbed areas of your home. However, if there’s not enough moisture in these areas, they’re always willing to move into your kitchen and bathroom! They’ll enter your property by any means necessary, whether that’s cracks or openings, if you can fit a playing card into the space, they’ll be able to get their bodies in. Once they’ve set up shop in our bathroom or kitchen drains, they’ll happily reproduce quickly and create an infestation! 

 How to Keep Drain Bugs Out 

So now we know a few of the pests that could cause an infestation in your drains how do we prevent them from getting in? Because as we know prevention is better than cure! 

Reduce moisture – Bugs are drawn to moisture and it makes them want to stay. Make sure your extractor fan is working properly and if needs be use a dehumidifier as required after your bath or shower. 

Seal openings – It’s well worth checking your property for cracks and crevices and sealing them if possible. Keep the bugs out, or they may never leave. 

Clean regularly – Once the bugs are in they’ll stay if they have a source of nutrition, make sure you are cleaning regularly and dispose of food properly. If they don’t have a source of food they’ll soon move on. 

Fix drainage or plumbing issues – Drainage and plumbing issues can aid in creating the perfect home for all types of bugs. It’s worthwhile making sure your plumbing and drainages are in check and if there are any signs of blockages like the ones here. 

If you think you have an insect infestation in your drains then a CCTV survey of them will help you know for sure, we’ll be able to identify the creature inhabiting your drains and suggest the perfect (non invasive) remedy to remove them. Get in touch with our team today – Call London Drains Direct Ltd.